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Becky W

The Tuscany workshop was incredible. Thank you so much for all the hard work, from both of you, it took to create such an amazing experience. Everything was first class. Truly one of my life’s greatest hits!

Rick B

 I still think back to our days in Cortona and remember what a terrific experience is was and how happy we all were to explore our cello learning and performances together.

From an outstanding student performance '23

Laurie K

Peter is an amazing teacher! He's able to relate to whatever issue a student is having, and guide them appropriately. He's patient, enthusiastic, and clear. And he believes in helping every student achieve his/her musical goals. I could not recommend him more highly!

Shari H

I started cello lessons with Peter in 1990 at age 44, and it was the most brilliant thing I have ever done. Peter is a very gifted teacher who brings a special sensitivity to his students. He is very perceptive so that he is able to home in on technical and musical issues, tweak them, and in the process one feels the joy of discovery. Thanks to starting to learn the cello with Peter, I quit an unpleasant job and opened my own business, and I never looked back. I continue to study with Peter. He is an inspiration.

Danielle Offri

Peter is a master teacher. I've tried a number of cello teachers but he stands out from the crowd. He has just the right combination of high standards, easy-going nature, and enthusiastic confidence in your ability to progress as a musician. We've worked together for almost 10 years, and it's been one of the most challenging and rewarding journeys I've ever had. Highly recommended!

Judith D

Peter Lewy is a cellist with clear and sensitive musical interpretation. He can fill an audience with emotion in seconds. Peter has an uncanny talent for teaching students at all levels. He has enormous patience and his techniques always work. I have studied with him for almost 6 years. I have been able to achieve a level I never thought possible as an adult. Peter knows where I need to go before I even have a thought of going anywhere. He is an extraordinary teacher and cellist.

Michael S

I started with Peter Lewy as an adult complete beginner student, never having played an instrument before. With his help, I have become proficient enough on the cello to join local orchestras, start a quartet, and even take small professional gigs. Peter approaches lessons from a unique perspective, and his combination of tested methodology, patience and humor are ideal for adult students. His insight, gained from years of both teaching and performing on the cello, is invaluable to students of all levels. Studying with Peter has helped me to realize the dream of making music, and I cannot recommend him highly enough.

Susan P

I attended a workshop and took cello lessons on Zoom last summer - both were wonderful and I would have continued except for my medical problems which started in the fall. I hope to be able to work with him again.

Max G

A born teacher!

Irv W

I started taking Cello lessons when I retired, so I am obviously no youngster. Peter is an excellent teacher. He is very structured, very patient and obviously very knowledgeable. Not only is he also an excellent Cellist but takes the time to work with his students so that in the end, they too can excel.

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